The Team

Our goal is to better the community’s understanding and appreciation of our most valuable asset, its people.

Tricia Piquero Publisher

Tricia Piquero manages her two magazines with professionalism, integrity, and heart. She applies the people skills and business skills she developed during her extensive business experience in building a solid team and promoting a business model that continues to thrive even in our current down economy. Tricia's vision is to inspire readers with publications that promote visual and editorial quality, while focusing on the county's most valuable asset, its people.


Don Huntington Editor Director

Don worked as an information developer in California's Silicon Valley for nearly twenty years. He has operated his own typesetting and consulting business, plus worked as an information specialist in hi-tech companies, including, most recently, Lucent Technologies. Don is a ghostwriter with a number of books to his credit including such titles as I'm Bill Bristow, Lessons About Life Momma Never Taught, Pantyhose Parenting, Fierce Warrior for Peace, and DNA of the Young Entrepreneur.


Caroline Robertson Sales Director

Caroline cheerfully tries to win over customers. She has a deliberate goal of doing what's right for her clients before attempting to earn money for the magazine. She is moved by enthusiasm for her work, her love for the magazine, and her confidence in the power of an advertisement in 110° & 86° Magazines to help clients reach their business goals. Caroline wouldn't sell any client an advertisement unless she confidently believed that it was in the client's interest. Her brogue betrays Caroline's Scottish origins. She was a senior manager for a number of years in an large Scottish governmental agency. She is an entrepreneur and former owner of her own business in which she demonstrated her awesome sales ability.


David Art Wooten Photographer

David's passion for taking pictures began while he was still in high school. He and his family reside in Antioch where he enjoys the small-town atmosphere reminiscent of his Scotch Plains, New Jersey hometown. David is a principal in his Oakland-based Kandidz studio that creates magazine covers, editorial spreads, artist makeovers, and advertising pieces. Kandidz also conducts weekly classes that introduce at-risk Oakland young people to the modeling industry. David’s goal is to take 110° Magazine pictures that will make a difference in people’s lives.


Carly Cornejo Creative Director

Carly is a creative director with coast-to-coast experience. She began her career in New York City, NY as a designer for several magazines including Tricycle Magazine, San Diego Magazine and later Sacramento Magazine working as graphic designer and creative director. Besides her work for 110° and 86° Magazines, Carly has done design work for the San Diego Convention and Visitor's Bureau, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, Poway Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Sacramento Magazine's Our Wedding, and KUIU, Inc., Carly said that she got into design because she wanted a profession merged income potential with creativity.


Michelle Guerra Creative Director

Michelle Guerra, owner of Guerra Graphics, has been creating compelling graphics and design since she was 12 years old when she won an ad design contest in the Contra Costa Times. Following college she worked for DSignArt, Inc. designing signs, banners, monuments, and flags. Michelle has wide and deep experience in the Real Estate Industry creating marketing materials, forms, and procedural guidelines that inform, guide, and promote each part of the real estate transaction process. At 110° & 86° Magazines she devotes herself to delivering the quality pages that East County readers have come to expect.


Michelle Lassle Associate Editor

Michelle says that her passion for writing is deeply imbedded in her soul, stemming back to her high school days. She mastered the art of writing in iambic pentameter in high school, but then greatly expanded her creative horizons while earning a B.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing at California State University, Long Beach. Michelle worked for a year as in intern at 110° before becoming a staff writer. She says that she has been blessed with the opportunity to put her enthusiasm for writing to use. She especially loves writing about the ever-evolving world of fashion.


Rae Huntington Copy Editor

Rae has been responsible for quality control, production, bookkeeping, and office Management since the first issue of 110° was published in 2003. She proofreads each article in manuscript form and manages the team of copy editors that read through the final pages. She was a Registered Nurse, missionary, and kindergarten teacher before assuming her duties with the magazines. Rae brings a passion for accuracy and detail resulting in a remarkable absence of errors in each magazine.


Amanda Blanc Graphic Designer

Amanda studied graphic design at Wayne State University for two years and graduated from Lindenwood University with a major in Multi-media Communications. Amanda is a native of Ukiah. For years she was a competitive hockey player and in college was part of teams that won three conference championships — two of them national championships. She is coach for a 12-and-under girls youth hockey team in San Jose. Amanda enjoys being creative every day — helping to make the beautiful ads that help distinguish the quality of the 86° and 110°


Dino Piquero Account Executive

Dino brings a powerful desire to interact with clients and potential clients. He believes in his heart that it is more effective to establish a relationship than to simply make a sale. His goal isn't to get a quick buck but to work in a steady and persistent way to create accounts with clients who feel that they have been valued as human beings and not simply manipulated as a source of revenue. He regards people and not his paycheck as the best part of his job.


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