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Soul Sisters Of Spirit

14 November 2016

I am a Scottish medium and have joined with two colleagues, Suzette Carlyle and Karen McCagh, to form the Soul Sisters of Spirit. All three of us were mentored by a world renowned medium, named Mavis Pittilla, and are certified and accredited to speak in Spiritualist Churches.

All my adult life I have entertained the ambition of starting a business in which I could meet the day-to-day needs of housewives —or any person harassed and harried by the demands of life.

My father, who was a child of the Depression and hated his truck-driving job, told me many times that I should go to college so that I could do something I enjoy.

My father was a celebrated veteran who, before I was born, lost one of his legs on a Vietnam battlefield.

I spoke with Changes Salon owner, Bonnie Waters, and with her longtime salon and spa manager, Cristiana Andersson.

This summer I am offering a three-hour study skills workshop, called the Student Success Boot Camp that is designed to give college-bound students a set of skills that will enable them to achieve academic excellence to the limit of their ability.

The Co-Owner Of World Class Window Coverings Tells The Inside Story.

Angie Clay is a local area Realtor who has sold Real Estate in the greater East Bay since 2002.

Laptop Lounge

04 September 2014

Even though I always had an entrepreneurial spirit, I spent years in the corporate world because I didn’t know exactly what business I wanted to focus on.

This definition is exactly what Jasmine Senkiw and Kaelyn Pagenkopp had in mind when they first brought together their creative talents to build their clothing line.

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