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15 July 2016 Written by  By Jatinder Marwaha M.D.
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For decades Dr. Stephan Sommer owned and managed a reputable Lafayette medical clinic called Avenue Family Practice.

Dr. Sommer retired last January, sold the business to me, and I added it as a third medical facility along with my Urgent Care clinics in San Ramon and Walnut Creek. Two medical professionals, Victorina Hoffman, M.D. and Philip Chew, P.A., will be onsite fulltime. Dimple Marwaha, D.P.M. and I will be at the clinic on a regular basis.

We are continuing to provide the high levels of care that Dr. Sommer’s patients were accustomed to and have added some specialties of our own.

As the name implies, Avenue Family Practice provides primary medical care especially for families. We offer same day service for patients and provide patient services in a number of medical specialties. Dr. Hoffmann specializes in Women’s Health Services. She is certified in Internal Medicine and has 20 years experience. Dr. Dimple is a podiatrist, and I am triple board certified in Internist, Palliative Medicine, and Sleep Medicine. Our services include physicals, travel medicine, and assistance for medical conditions including colds, infections, and minor traumas. Our services also include diabetic management and treatment of chronic issues such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and thyroid problems. When necessary, our patients can be admitted to the San Ramon Regional Medical Center, where I am a member of the staff. Dr. Hoffmann and I are affiliated with the John Muir Health Network.

One of our specialties is caring for patients who have reached the limits of medicine’s ability to extend their lives. The end of life period is difficult for all involved including the patient, family members, friends, caretakers, and physicians. As a palliative care specialist, I am able to support both the patient and family members in making decisions and plans that best suit their needs when medical remedies have been exhausted. I bring my experience, compassion, and training to bear on guiding people to the point at which they can face end-of-life with confidence and know they are prepared to take that next step. Helping them take that step can sometimes be the most inspiring part of my medical practice.

I specialize in effective treatments for sleep disorders. I am passionate about my sleep services because I’m troubled by the number of people in our busy society who seldom get an appropriate amount of sleep. Research shows that many medical ailments have lack of sleep or lack of quality of sleep as a contributing factor.

Fatigue itself is insidiously destructive; sleep deprivation is connected to problems in learning and memory. Fatigue also promotes obesity and leads to errors, mishaps, and accidents. In the absence of sufficient sleep, people become irritable, impatient, moody,
and unable to concentrate. Blood pressure and stress hormone levels rise, and the heart can beat irregularly. Sleep deprivation affects the body’s immune functions and increases the susceptibility for cancer. Sufferers might at times fall asleep while sitting behind the wheel of their car.

My care for people with sleep problems begins with the simplest of these, insomnia, which can often be corrected by making changes in the person’s schedule, activities, and sleeping environment. I revert to medications only when these basic changes fail to solve the problem.

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