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Local Sports Hero

09 May 2015 Written by  By Michell Elassle
Published in May 2015 Articles

As a member of a quadruplet, one would expect athlete Madi Nortune to feel the need to fight her siblings for the spotlight. On the contrary, Madi finds inspiration from other members of her family.

“My quadruplet sister has helped me to do better at everything,” Madi said. “She’s really smart so I look up to her to do better in my grades. My older sister actually plays a college sport, so it’s good to have an example set for me.” From the young age of four Madi could be found on the soccer field. Originally Madi and her quadruplet sister were team members, but a couple years later her sister decided the sport wasn’t what she wanted to do. So Madi charged on alone and found a life-long love. Originally placed in the forward position, Madi was moved to center fullback when she was 12.

“My coach just put me there on a random day and said I was really good at it,” Madi said. “So he left me there.” Since she was doing more assisting than scoring as a forward, Madi thought the new position was a perfect fit since she still had the opportunity to run up and play offense when necessary.

As Madi’s soccer skills grew, she progressed onto a competition team called Diablo FC. Within each age group there are several different teams: the bronze team, silver team, and premier team. Madi began at the lowest level, which is bronze, and worked her way up to the premier team within a few years. The Diablo FC team travels to various tournaments, sometimes even as far as Las Vegas. Last year Madi’s team took first place in the crucial tournament that named them the number one team in northern California.

Once Madi entered her freshman year at Berean Christian High School, she knew that her goal was to make it onto the varsity soccer team, which she easily accomplished. After losing the majority of the senior players over her four years, Madi said this season was all about building. “We had a very young team this year,” Madi said. “We only had about three seniors play, which was hard but also good since we know they’ll be good in the future.” The Berean girls’ team was only about three games away from making it to NCS. In addition to soccer, Madi has also competed in track, which she started in seventh grade, and cross country, which she began her junior year. For track Madi competes in the 400 meter, 800 meter, and mile. “I like the 800 best. My sophomore year I didn’t run the 800 yet, so my coach told me to run it on a whim. I ended up receiving the NCS qualifying time,” Madi said. She and the coach both realized that Madi was missing her calling, so she added the 800 to her list of events. Originally Madi joined the Berean cross country team as a method of staying in shape for track season her junior year, but she chose to return as a senior.

Madi has an impressive list of athletic accomplishments, including All-League recognition every year in soccer, honorable mention her freshman-junior years, and was team captain as a junior and senior. She also earned 1st Team All League for track as a senior, 2nd Team All-League her sophomore year in the 800, 1st Team All-League her junior year in the 800, and 2nd Team All-League her junior year in the mile. For cross country Madi received honorable mention her junior and senior years. In addition to her league recognitions, Madi also holds the Berean record for the 800 meter at 2.21. “I broke the record my sophomore year, so I’m trying to break my own record this year,” Madi said. “My coach says I’m on track to accomplish that.”

Since she is a student athlete, Madi knows how important her academics are. “I’ve been consistent with a 3.5 for the last few years,” Madi said. “My dad always tells me that you can be the best athlete in the world, but if you don’t have the grades, you’re going nowhere.” When she isn’t practicing her sports or studying for class, Madi can be found at her church. “I sing on the worship team for youth group and work in the nursery. My dad’s a pastor, so I help around the church in my spare time.”

Now that her senior year is coming to a close, Madi’s eyes are set on the future. “I actually just signed with Northwest University, a private Christian college in Seattle,” Madi said. “I’m going to do track and soccer for them.” Madi’s plan is to major in nursing with a focus in pediatrics to be able to travel to other countries and work in medical clinics after college. When asked about her future in sports, Madi says she’s already accomplished her dream. “Ever since I was in third grade I had the dream of playing college soccer,” Madi said. “That was my main goal, to work hard enough to play college soccer. Now I’m going to play two sports, which I never thought I’d do.” Madi’s new goal is to do the best that she can to prove to herself that she’s good enough to compete at the college level and that she belongs. “I ultimately would like to coach soccer when I’m done just like my dad did for me.”

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