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Assisting You In Maintaining Your Health

02 January 2015 Written by  By Michelle Lassle
Published in January 2015 Articles

Located next to John Muir Hospital, Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care is helping East Bay residents get better and stay healthy.

They offer urgent care services including primary care, women’s health, immigration physicals, annual and sports physicals, diabetes and hypertension management, minor laceration repairs, evaluations and management for obstructive sleep apnea, onsite EKGs, and more. Led by Dr. Marwaha, he and his professional, friendly staff are proud to provide comprehensive medical care in the most efficient and ethical way possible. As one of the highly trained team members with over 10 years of experience, Michelle Wong is an excellent addition as a Physician’s Assistant.

At what point did you realize the medical field was where you wanted to be?
I started out as a Business major at SFSU (San Francisco State University). I took a Biology class and realized that I much preferred Biology over Business. I was thinking about what I could do with a Biology major but was not very interested in doing research in a lab. I was interested, however, in working in the medical/ healthcare field instead. I spoke to a counselor, and she suggested that I change my major to Cell Molecular Biology because that covered all the prerequisites essential for medical school. So I took her advice and changed my major from Business to Cell Molecular Biology.

How did you come to the decision that Physician’s Assistant was the best position for you?
I was taking classes for Pre-Med at SFSU and found out about the Physician’s Assistant profession, so I did more research and dug further into it. I was already one to two years behind because I switched my major from Business to Cell Molecular Biology. So I decided that switching my career path from medical school to PA would be a better option for me, because it was a shorter route and I would be able to do the same things as a medical doctor.

When did you join the Wa lnut Creek Urgent Medical Ca re team?
I’ve been working as a PA in Walnut Creek in Urgent Care/Internal Medicine for 11 years, but I’ve been with Walnut Creek Urgent Medical Care for almost four years.

As a Physician’s Assistant, what are you responsibilities?
I am responsible for obtaining medical histories, performing physical exams, diagnosing and treating illnesses, minor surgical procedures, suturing lacerations, and splinting fractures and sprains. I am also in charge of ordering and interpreting tests, developing treatment plans, counseling on preventative care, and writing prescriptions.

What do you enjoy most about your position?
I enjoy trying to figure out patients’ problems and trying to find the best solutions and treatment plans for them.

What is the best part of being a member of the Wa lnut Creek Urgent Ca re team?
I love being a part of a team that works well together and supports each other.

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