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Hawaiian Getaway

15 November 2016 Written by
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Last October my husband Dino, son Jordan, and I boarded an afternoon flight out of SFO bound for the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

I am a Scottish medium and have joined with two colleagues, Suzette Carlyle and Karen McCagh, to form the Soul Sisters of Spirit. All three of us were mentored by a world renowned medium, named Mavis Pittilla, and are certified and accredited to speak in Spiritualist Churches.

We’ve been writing food articles since 2003 and have covered a number of amazing dining establishments in Central Country.

For the past eight years I’ve been lead for the Medical Administrative Assistant/ Billing & Coding program at Antioch’s Contra Costa Medical Career College (CCMCC).

“Golf is a very objective sport. You can either entirely blame yourself or celebrate what you did and the work you put in, instead of relying on a team.”

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